Stiftung Auge charity actions: EyeRun and DOG in Concert

EyeRun 2020:
With running and doing good – also at home

Running for a good cause – this is also possible in times of the Corona pandemic: This year again, running enthusiasts participating in the DOG 2020 will have the opportunity to do good with their sport online. This is how it works:

Sign up for the EyeRun 2020. The entry fee of 15 euros will be donated in full to the Auge Foundation.

Before the run we will assign you your individual start number, this will serve as a basis for our ranking.

Run your personal 5 km route during the congress between 9 and 11 October 2020 – individually and when it suits you.

Afterwards you inform us about your running time for the 5km course by mail We will then create a ranking. Please also send us your “running selfie” so that we can collect some impressions.

The first 40 participants will receive a T-shirt. The best runner will receive the newly published Graefe biography of Prof. Dr. Jens Martin Rohrbach, Tübingen:

DOG in Concert
(recording from 2019)

Last year, classical masterpieces were performed in the Passion Church in Kreuzberg.
The benefit concert by ophthalmologists for ophthalmologists for the benefit of the Eye Foundation has been a popular highlight for years.