DOG 2020 online – FAQ

Exploring new online options, may be exciting – but may also raise a number of questions. To answer these, we have extended the FAQ on our website to include specific topics in connection with DOG 2020 online.

General Remarks

Will the DOG 2020 online take place at the same time as the original congress?

The DOG 2020 online will take place from October 9 – 11, 2020. The offered contents will remain available on demand for registered participants until two months after this date (December 6, 2020). 

Do I need special software to participate in the DOG 2020 online?

No special software needs to be installed in order to participate in the event and the use of a particular operating system is not specified. All you need is a computer or a laptop and a functional Internet connection. Google Chrome is recommended as the Internet browser; the use of Internet Explorer as the Internet browser is not recommended.

Can I use a tablet or mobile phone to log onto the DOG 2020 online platform?

Yes, the DOG 2020 online can be accessed from any type of device. 

What kind of Internet connection do I need in order to use the DOG 2020 online platform without encountering any technical issues?

You need a stable WLAN or a wired Internet connection. Use via mobile data is also possible, but this is not recommended due to the required data volume. Google Chrome is recommended as the Internet browser; the use of Internet Explorer as the Internet browser is not recommended.

How long will the contents of the virtual congress remain available online?

The contents will remain available on the DOG 2020 online platform for up to two months after the congress, i.e. until December 6, 2020.


How can I register for the DOG 2020 online?

As in the past, you can conveniently register for the DOG 2020 online via our website. Effective immediately, you will also benefit from our reduced rates! Click to register.

Registration & Accommodation

Does my registration remain valid if I have already registered for the DOG 2020?

Yes, your registration for the virtual congress remains valid if you have already registered for the DOG 2020. The registration fees for the virtual congress will be lower, so you will receive a refund of the difference between the new lower rate and the registration fee that you have already paid. For this purpose, we will contact you as soon as the participation fees for the virtual congress have been determined (probably by the end of June 2020).

Can I cancel my existing registration?

If you have already registered but do not wish to participate in the virtual DOG 2020, you can cancel your registration in writing by July 31, 2020. To cancel, please send an e-mail to

If you cancel your registration by July 31, 2020, we will refund the full amount paid.

If you cancel your registration after July 31, 2020, no refund is possible. 

Will the original registration fees remain the same or is there a change here?

New, reduced registration fees apply for the DOG 2020 online. There is no longer a distinction between early registration, late registration and on-site registration. An overview of the new registration fees can be found here.

What if I have already booked my trip to Berlin (flight, train and hotel bookings)?

Cancellation and rebooking options with Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn are currently very accommodating. Please contact your travel agent for information.

If you booked your hotel for the DOG 2020 via Interplan AG, please contact Ms Heike Peter at

Scientific Program

The DOG will put together an exciting programme covering interesting topics and current issues from all ophthalmological subspecialties. Of course, the program of the virtual DOG Congress will include well-known and time-tested formats. But the DOG will also explore and utilise the possibilities offered by an online congress. This includes that various options for interaction between participants and speakers will also facilitate discourse and knowledge sharing in a virtual setting. 

Will courses/workshops be offered at the virtual DOG?

We currently do not expect to offer courses/workshops at the virtual congress, so we will fully refund all course fees that have already been paid.

I have submitted an abstract for the DOG 2020. What will happen with it?

All submitted abstracts are currently being reviewed. We are currently still working on the possibility to include free papers into the virtual DOG 2020 program. An online book of abstracts will be created in either case. Detailed information will be available for all authors of abstracts by the end of June 2020. If you have any questions, please contact the DOG office: 

Does the DOG 2020 online also give participants the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers?

Yes, even if a presentation has been recorded in advance, the speaker will normally be available live during the first broadcast of a session to answer questions from participants and chairpersons.

Does the DOG 2020 online platform offer the possibility to favour certain sessions or to activate a reminder?

Yes, there is the possibility to create a personal program schedule and to activate reminders.

What precautions have been taken to protect patients’ data and speakers’ copyrights?

The online platform for the DOG 2020 online is accessible only to registered participants and is provided with a corresponding access restriction.
Participants are notified during registration and upon login to the platform that recordings of lectures in the form of photos, screenshots or film recordings are strictly prohibited. All participants must actively confirm that they will comply with this requirement in order to participate in the DOG 2020 online.
When uploading the presentation, speakers can choose whether certain slides should no longer be displayed in the on-demand version. If desired, each speaker can also opt to completely remove their presentation from the on-demand platform.
All presentations are the property of the respective speakers. We will not pass the presentations along to other companies, webinars, etc.
Of course, usage of the online portal and registration for the DOG 2020 online will continue to comply with the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation).


Exhibitors and Sponsors

The involvement of the industry at the virtual DOG 2020 is planned in the form of a virtual exhibition and industry presentations. An overview of virtual industrial services is currently being prepared. If you have any questions, please contact Interplan AG: contact

I have booked a symposium for the DOG 2020. Will my symposium also be integrated into the DOG 2020 online?

Yes, the symposia will still be part of the programme. You will have the possibility to record your symposium in advance and have it moderated live by your chairperson on its first broadcast. The speakers can also be connected live to the programme and can answer questions from the participants.

Will there also be a virtual industry exhibition as part of DOG 2020 online?

Yes, there will also be an industry exhibition as part of DOG 2020 online. You can choose among already existing stand modules. An initial offer has already been sent out and we will contact you directly to discuss your presence at the industry exhibition.

What should I do if I decide not to participate in DOG 2020 online?

Please send your cancellation to  

Will exhibitors’ tickets remain valid? / What about exhibitors’ registrations? / Will I still receive free access for my company’s employees?

You will receive free exhibitor passes depending on the specifics of your newly booked service package. Additional tickets can be booked for a fee.

Do I have the possibility to send a flyer of my product to the participant?

All registered participants in German-speaking countries will receive a starter kit from us in advance. A limited number of industrial companies have the possibility to attach a flyer.

At your virtual exhibition stand, you have the possibility, depending on the package you have booked, to provide interested participants with various information materials, e.g. contact details of contact persons, information brochures, videos and flyers, etc.

You can also contact your stand visitors directly (either by chat or video call) and record the address data for sending samples.