DOG 2020 as virtual congress

This year’s conference landscape is being deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Numerous events had to be cancelled, others were postponed due to the impossibility of ensuring a smooth execution.

DOG has decided not to cancel our 118th conference but to hold it as a virtual conference, over the same period of time. 

This step represents a clear break with our long tradition of meeting with ophthalmologists and scientists from allover the world. However, the DOG Executive Committee currently sees no alternative course of action. While governments are currently debating loosening lockdown measures, considerable restrictions and requirements for events on the scale of the DOG Conference are still in place and prohibit us from executing the conference in the usual, productive way. 

Even though we will not be able to hold the conference in Berlin and regret not meeting you all personally, we strongly believe that we will all experience an exciting and fruitful event – albeit in a new and unusual format.

You can look forward to a fascinating academic program that will bring you well-founded, compact, up-to-date insights on key developments in all ophthalmological disciplines. We will combine the usual session formats with the new, additional options of virtual conferences. The DOG Conference Online will, of course, also include a virtual industry exhibition that will provide ample opportunities to experience the latest product innovations.

All further details will be available soon on the DOG Conference website. We recommend subscribing to our conference newsletter to stay up to date with the latest developments.

If you haven’t registered for the DOG Conference 2020, you will soon be able to do so via the conference website. 

Everyone already registered for the conference will receive information on how to proceed. We will also contact all lecturers and session directors in the next few weeks to instruct them on the next steps.

We’re looking forward to a very different, yet exciting DOG Conference 2020 and to meeting you, albeit virtually this time, at our event.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Hans Hoerauf, President
Prof. Dr. Hagen Thieme, First Vice President
Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen, Second Vice President
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen, Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Frank G. Holz, Recording Secretary
Prof. Dr. Thomas Reinhard, Secretary General